Saturday, September 24, 2011

Our Newest Creature an the Lab

So I recently got a call for a rush job on a monster from Gears Of War

 Brandon Dishman and Charles Wills busted out the sculpt in a little over two days Then it was off to Mold land. We did a quick shim job with the help of lab resident Leigh Schwartz as well as our good friend James Conrad.

Ahh the joys of fiberglass. the mold sat out in the sun to help it cure quicker.

Charles Wills and I burning the midnight oil while fill the body with guts and stuff thanks to all of our interns from Make-up Designery we were able to do a butter batch and get Him closed up.

Our first pull out of the mold worked (not that we had a choice)  Rachael Kooyman and Mariana Olesijuk Seam the beast. the we attached the hands and proceed to paint the silicone.

 Final step build a box big enough for this dude! Well he was a success can't wait to do a display model for the shop.